Are Energy Efficient Heaters Worth the Investment?

Heating your home is important. It’s important no matter where you live (ok – unless you live in Darwin, and then I’m pretty sure heating is only going to be important in the event of the apocalypse where everything freezes over and it’s minus twenty everywhere, and yet Darwin remains a balmy 14 degrees Celsius… but I digress).

Heaters need to be chosen according to a number of different parameters – like what size of heater you need, what kind of strength the heater needs to have and what kind of room the heater is heating. Then there are things to think about like whether it’s prudent to get ducted heating installed (top tip – unless you live in Victoria or Tasmania, it’s really not worth it) and what kind of set-up you want to get.


Then, of course, it’s vital that you choose a heater that is going to be energy efficient and perfect for your home. I did often wonder (or at least, I used to before I found out that energy efficient was the way to go!) about whether it was worth it to invest in a heater that had more energy efficient stars than another one, but I’ll share my findings with you and let you make up your own mind.

The Stats

If you look at it on average, the average Australian household spends 40 percent of the energy that we use in the home on heating and cooling – and that doesn’t actually include heating the hot water that we use in the shower or sink. Of course, the amount of energy that your household uses is going to vary depending on the kind of climate you live in – and the kind of heating and cooling system that you install.

Most homes are going to use some kind of heating or cooling system throughout the year – although if you have a well designed house, you might be able to avoid the excessive use of heating and cooling devices. That said, there’s probably no way around avoiding them altogether, so you need to figure out if the energy efficient ones are best for you or not. Whether you’re looking at outdoor heaters or an indoor system, it’s vital that you consider the environment and your hip pocket as part of the equation.

The Figures

Energy efficient space heaters and reverse-cycle air conditioners are cheaper to run overall than a standard electric heater, and they also produce around one third of the amount of greenhouse gases all up.

The Benefits

When buying an energy efficient heater, there are plenty of benefits to reap:

  • You’re going to save a whole lot of money. Buying an energy efficient heater is a great boon for your savings account because it delivers the same heating for your home at a far cheaper rate. It’s definitely something that should be part of your decision making process and I know it was a key part of mine.
  • You will enjoy the feeling of doing something good for the planet. Choosing a heater that is energy efficient is a good thing for your wallet for sure, but the other key benefit is that it’s really good for the planet. Enjoy this feeling of contributing to a greater cause- you’ve earnt it!
  • You may inspire others to greatness. When you buy a new product, there’s every chance that you go and ask your friends what kind of heater they have and you go and find out what the best product is to buy based on their recommendations. It stands to reason that your friends may bounce off you as well and be inspired by your eco-friendly choice, right?

Good luck with buying the best possible heater you can – and make your next choice an energy efficient one!

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