Top 11 Best Cordless Leaf Blowers For Lawn and Garden [Updated 2020]

When it comes to choosing the best cordless leaf blower, your success will depend on how well you understand the purpose of the leaf blower. Buyers are usually looking for a lightweight, easy to use a blower for simple home tasks or powerful, compact blower ideal for multiple cleaning tasks. Your budget is also a factor, although it should not affect quality or compromise on convenience.

There are many types of blowers you can choose from ranging from handheld to backpack styled leaf blowers. It is also good to consider the airspeed of the blower. A blower with a speed rating of below 200 CFMs is ideal for simple cleaning tasks like clearing driveways and patios while a unit with a rating of 200 to 400 CFMs is ideal for small yards. If you have a medium yard, you should look for a unit with an airspeed rating of between 400 and 450 CFMs.

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11 Best Cordless Leaf Blowers For Lawn and Garden

1. DEWALT DCBL770X1 Flexvolt brushless handheld blower

If you are looking for power and reliability, you will fall in love with the DCBL770X1 flexvolt. The 60V max lithium-ion brushless handheld blower is a reliable, relatively quiet machine that does the job perfectly. Weighing 9.8 pounds and measuring 15 by 18 by 10 inches, the blower is easy to maneuver. It also features an ergonomic design that lets you work for hours without blisters.

It also features a full-variable trigger that lets you control the performance of the blower. The blower can reach up to 129 MPH. furthermore, if you are looking to move a heavy load, you can use the flat concentrator nozzle that can increase the speed up to 175 MPH. It is an affordable yet powerful multitasker that can handle just any job. For more details about the DEWALT DCBL770X1, please follow the link below:

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2. Worx WG520 Turbine leaf blower

The WG520 leaf blower by Worx is an excellent unit that combines the company’s unique turbine fan technology and the hyper-stream air nozzle to provide an exceptional experience. The 56-volt Max lithium battery-powered unit gives you a premium 600 CFM of air to give you the freedom and convenience of tackling small and large jobs all at once. It features variable speed controls with a turbo boost that lets you customize your job right. The Worx WG520 leaf blower comes with a brushless motor to make your works smooth. For more details, please follow this link:

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3. Hitachi RB24EAP handheld leaf blower

Hitachi is a well-known manufacturer of small appliances for its reliability and performance. If you are looking for the best gas powered cordless leaf blower, you should first consider the RB24EAP leaf blower by Hitachi. It has an air volume of 441 CFM, which enables it to handle even the toughest of debris.

The unit also features a tapered nozzle that lets it get into little areas for extensive cleaning. It is also lightweight, only weighing eight pounds, making it comfortable to use for longer periods of time. The unit is also powered by a two-stroke engine for greater power and low emissions. The unit is also long-lasting.

It comes with a 2-year commercial warranty and a 7-year consumer warranty. For more details about Hitachi RB24EAP handheld leaf blower, follow this link;

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4. Greenworks Pro GBL80320 cordless blower

When it comes to a battery-operated cordless leaf blower, battery life is a major factor to consider. The GreenWorks pro GBL80320 gives you up to 70 minutes of continuous runtime, which means that you can get everything done in one charge. The unit offers up to 125 MPH to blow both dry and wet leaves and debris with at once.

The unit also operates more quietly ensuring that you will not disturb neighbors and other people as you work. The unit is also ready to go at the push of a button. The unit battery charges quickly. With only a 30-minute wait period, the battery can start from zero to full charge. Here is a direct link for viewing Greenworks Pro GBL80320 cordless blower:

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5. Black & Decker BV6600 high-performance blower

If you are looking for a unit that can function as a blower, vacuum, or a mulcher, you should consider the high-performance Black and Decker BV6600 blower. Featuring a backpack style, the cordless leaf blower is ideal if you are looking for an affordable unit that can do a professional job. Its top wind speed of 145 MPH lets you blow through dry and wet debris at ease.

The unit features a variable speed trigger and a turbo button that give you control over every section of your job. The unit’s brushless motor is strong and performs smoothly as a gas-powered option. The 80-volt lithium max battery with a 30 minute charge time gives you a runtime of 30 minutes when fully charged. For more details or to view this leaf blower, here is the link:

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6. Worx WG546 Turbine 120MPH Cordless 20-Volt Lithium-ion blower 

If you are looking for an affordable unit that does not compromise on the quality, you should consider the Worx 120MPH cordless blower. The unit is lightweight, which means that you can carry it along to clean your garage, patio, and deck, among other places. The Worx Turbine fan technology gives the unit high capacity air volume of 340CFM.

It also features a 2-speed design that makes it useful for multiple cleanup tasks. It only weighs 6-pounds, which means that you can even ask young ones to help you carry the unit. It is also durable. It comes with a 3-year limited warranty. For more details or to view this cordless leaf blower, here is the link:

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7. EGO Power + 480 CFM Cordless Electric Blower

When it comes to style, the EGO Power + 480 CFM cordless electric blower is a top buy. The aesthetically pleasing electric blower is not only easy on the eyes, but it is also smooth on the job. It brings style and color to the job. In addition to its attractive design, the EGO Power + electric blower is designed for tasking jobs that need a professional finish.

It features variable speeds that let you use speeds of between 250 and 480 CFM. The unit is also compact and lightweight, only weighing five pounds, ensuring that the jobs feel lighter and tireless. It also features a water-resistant design, which means that rain will not stop you from finishing your task.

The blower also comes with a turbo speed button that lets you get rid of tricky debris with ease. For more details about EGO Power + 480 CFM Cordless Electric Blower, follow this link;

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8. KIMO 20V Lithium 2-in-1 cordless leaf blower

Weighing only 2lb, the unit is probably the lightest leaf blower you will ever use. It is less than half the weight of most blowers, which means that using the blower is effortless and less tiresome. The unit’s cordless design lets you clean almost everywhere from the courtyard to the garage and the inside of your car as well as the engine compartment.

It features turbofans and all-copper motors that offer up to 13000r/min strong power. The leaf blower can run at maximum speed for a period of 20 minutes, which is adequate to clean the tough elements. The battery takes 60 minutes to charge. It also has a power indicator that lets you monitor the level of your battery at all times.

The KIMO leaf blower can easily transform into a vacuum cleaner. For more details about KIMO 20V Lithium 2-in-1 cordless leaf blower, follow this link:

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9. LiTheli 40V 480CFM leaf blower 

If you are looking for greater flexibility, the Litheli 40V leaf blower is an effective, lightweight tool that lets you choose between three gears. Depending on the task and elements you are blowing, you can choose an air volume option of 240CFM, 390CFM and 480CFM. The unit is also quiet with a noise rating of less than 67dB (A).

The leaf blower is also ergonomically designed and features a soft grip handle that ensures easier use. It only weighs 5.7 pounds, which is comfortable for longer jobs. KIMA also gives much attention to customer satisfaction. The leaf blower comes with 90-days money-back guarantee, three years battery warranty and five years machine warranty. The amazing thing about KIMO products is that all LiTheli batteries are compatible with all Litheli products, which means that you can interchange batteries with other products.

Other highlights of this unit include a 550W brushless motor, a safety switch that prevents accident and the third gear with constantly changing speed. For more details or to view this cordless leaf blower, here is the link:

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10. GreenWorks GMAX 40V 150 MPH

The new GMAX leaf blower by GreenWorks is powered by a 40V 2.0 amp-hour lithium-ion battery that ensures more power and longer run time. It also features a variable speed motor that can deliver max speeds of 150 MPH. it also comes with an extension tube that allows easy clean up on hard to reach areas. The unit is easy to use and low to maintain. For more details about GreenWorks GMAX leaf blower, follow this link:

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11. Makita DUB182Z LXT cordless blower

The Makita 18V LXT cordless blower is a favorite on job sites and in workshops. The unit seamlessly combines convenience and superior power, ensuring that clearing up is less tiresome. The leaf blower also features a variable 3-speed motor that produces a maximum air speed of 179 MPH and a rapid optimum charger with a built-in fan to cool the battery for quick charging. For more details or to view this cordless leaf blower, here is the link:

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Buying the best cordless leaf blower depends on your blowing needs and preferences. For example, if you are looking for a unit that can also function as a blower and a vacuum cleaner, you will have to look for a leaf blower that enables multitasking. You may also have to consider other factors such as the weight of the blower, aesthetics, durability and even cost.

You should also consider the size of your yard, speed settings and power source. If you are looking for a unit to help you maintain a large garden with a lot of trees, you should go for a unit with the highest possible CFM rating. You are also likely to find cleaning your large yard easy with a unit that offers variable speeds as you can adjust as needed.

When it comes to the power source, your leaf blower will be powered by gas or electricity. Electric leaf blowers weigh less and produce less noise, but gas-powered units are more powerful.

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