How much solar energy panels cost?

Almost every individual has wondered as to how much solar energy panels cost exactly. One very obvious answer to this question is yes, they are really somewhat expensive. This huge cost of theirs is simply devoted to the usage of specialized materials and other engineering tasks that are deployed in the manufacturing process of each single photovoltaic cell. This, in turn, generates high production outlays and hence, consumes high prices. Moreover, with increasing interest in the using renewable sources of energy, its demand has further increased leading to an expected increase in their prices too.

Solar_Power_PanelThe basic steps involved in calculating a rough estimate of actually how much solar energy panels cost in today’s world are mentioned below:

Step I: – Enter certain relevant information about your building or home along with your present energy usage. This will allow the authorities to determine whether solar electric, solar spa/pool, space or water cooling/heating systems or other wind energy systems are appropriate for you or not? Moreover, what actually will be the cost incurred and what benefits you would be exercising after installing a solar energy panel in your house, needs to be determined too.

Step II: – Enter your requirements for wind, solar or renewable energy products. The authorities will then provide you with numerous profiles of individuals who can service according to all your needs.

Solar power authorities have invented a special solar calculator that literally calculates as to how much solar energy panels cost actually. These calculators may prove to be quite confusing and can only be handled by certain technologists only.
SolarPowerPanelTalking about an approximation of how much solar energy panels cost, USA follows a significant rule of thumb. According to them, electricity consumed by an average house is usually at the rate of 1 kW/hour (kWh). For about 730 hours in a single month, the average pricing of one kWh of electricity would come around $0.10. So, on an average, the monthly bill comes out to be around $73 for 730 kWh consumption of electricity.

In case a house possesses certain non-standard items like a hot-tub or some continuously running electric appliances etc, this solar energy cost may vary significantly. For instance, extensive usage of computers, video game consoles and plasma screen TVs can even create an impact. Running an air conditioner may also add on the energy consumption even further.

Coming to our requisite, i.e., how much solar energy panels cost actually, the very first thing that needs to be known is the conservative value. An approximate solar panel generating capability would be approximately 10W/Sq. Ft. This specifically means that for each single kilo watt (kW) that is generated by you, approximately 100 sq. Ft of solar panels are required. One very basic limitation that hinders the generation of solar energy at a constant pace can be referred to the fact that sunlight is available only during the day time and that too when the cloudy weather is avoidable. For instance, an average sunny day in USA varies from 3 hours to 6 hours per day. Sometimes 7 hours per day of sunlight is also seen in places like Arizona etc.

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