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Bio of Founder

The site Conserve Energy Future was started by Rinkesh Kukreja in the year 2009 after being increasingly concerned about our dependence on foreign energy and the impact it is having on our economy, and the potential threat to our national security. Instead of just worrying about the problem, he decided to do whatever he could do to help others.

About the Site

Welcome to Conserve Energy Future, the hub for all who aspire to live harmoniously with our Earth. Our journey began with a simple yet profound realization that the choices we make every day have a ripple effect on the environment. With this in mind, GreenStride was born—a place where sustainability isn’t just a concept, but a practical, accessible lifestyle.

At Conserve Energy Future, we are more than just a website; we are a community of passionate individuals dedicated to making a positive impact on the planet. We collaborate with experts, activists, and innovators to bring you inspiring stories, cutting-edge research, and practical advice. Our platform is a celebration of the planet’s diversity and a call to action to protect its beauty for generations to come.

Join us as we stride towards a greener tomorrow, one step at a time. Together, we can transform the narrative of our relationship with the Earth, creating a legacy of stewardship and respect. Welcome to GreenStride—your path to a sustainable life starts here.

Goals and Mission

At Conserve Energy Future, our mission is to empower individuals and communities to lead a greener, more sustainable lifestyle. We are committed to being a catalyst for positive environmental change by providing actionable information, innovative solutions, and a supportive platform for eco-conscious living.

Our goal is to inspire a movement towards sustainability that nurtures the planet, promotes biodiversity, and supports the well-being of future generations. Through education, community engagement, and a steadfast dedication to reducing our collective ecological footprint, Conserve Energy Future envisions a world where living in harmony with nature is not just an ideal, but a practical reality for all.

Contact Info

You may contact us through our Contact Us Page.

Site Stats

The site currently receives about 1.2M pageviews every month. Most[ people who come to the site are school students and teachers who love to read about current environmental issues, green living, trending news in the world of the environment and sustainable living.


Please have a look at the detailed guide on FAQs here.

Media Mentions

Britannica, Huffpost, BankRate, Earth911, HouseBeautiful, NYTimes, Weather, Earth, Accuweather, Mashable, LaTimes, TheSun, NPS, HowStuffWorks, IBM, SalesForce, TheHill, Delish, Bobvila, Vice, INC, Discovery, UniverseToday, GreenPeace and many more.